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Solar Power Systems



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Clean, free electricity from the sun

Are your electricity bills scaring you? Are they getting harder to pay?

Soaring energy bills are ranked as one of the biggest concerns for Australian consumers, so it's not surprising that people are searching for ways to save on their energy costs.

By installing solar power on your home or business, you can take control over rising bills and bring more certainty to your financial future.

Australians have embraced solar power for environmentally-friendly electricity and now 1 million homes are reaping the benefits. Solar power systems consist of a group (array) of roof-mounted panels and a power inverter to generate clean, FREE electricity from the sun. They lower your consumption of purchased fossil fuel-generated electricity, thereby reducing your home's carbon footprint and your electricity bills.

Solar panels & inverters from Chromagen

The benefits of solar power

  • Convert the sun's abundant power into clean, free electricity
  • Reduce your power consumption & carbon footprint
  • Reduce your electricity bills
  • Minimise the impact of rising electricity costs
  • Increase the value & resale attractiveness of your home
  • Silent operation, no moving parts & very low maintenance
  • Satisfaction from helping the environment
  • Eligible for Government Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs)

Are you building a new home? When you are building a new home it is the perfect time to consider how you can live more efficiently; to be more environmentally-friendly and reduce your cost of living. It is a major investment in your family's future, so why not make your financial future even more secure by investing in solar power too? Read more

Chromagen are a leading supplier of solar and energy solutions to Australian's largest new home builders. So ask your builder for the option of a solar power system from Chromagen. Click here to find out the benefits of installing solar power at the time of construction