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Solar Hot Water

Ground Mounted Systems


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Soak in the sunshine and SAVE

Ground mounted solar water heaters, also known as "split systems", consist of a separated configuration of a ground mounted tank and roof mounted thermal collectors.

These systems are designed to provide installation flexibility, to reduce the load on your roof structure and to provide a streamlined roof top appearance. Ground-mounted systems are available with open-loop tanks for general applications and closed-loop configurations suitable for frost-prone areas or 'hard' water conditions.

Our range of ground mounted (split) systems features typical options in tank size and gas or electric boost. Hard water areas and cold climate zones are handled with our closed loop variants and systems with evacuated tube collectors. Our tanks and collectors are manufactured to ISO 9001 international quality standards and are built tough to handle Australia's harsh conditions.

The benefits of solar hot water:

  • Provide up to 90% of your water heating needs
  • Capture the sun's clean, FREE energy to pre-heat your water
  • Reduce your energy consumption & carbon footprint
  • Reduce your power bills & minimise the impact of rising energy costs
  • Reliable supply of hot water in any weather or time of day
  • Eligible for Government Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs) (Eligibility criteria apply)


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SmartLine Systems

The SmartLine 200 litre gas-boosted solar water heater is the clever solution for environmentally-friendly water heating in your home that has been developed with the needs of the builder and plumber in mind.

This unique open-loop split system has a compact footprint and aesthetically pleasing design. It consists of a cleverly integrated tank and 6 Star gas boosters, plus a pre-fitted pump station for faster and simpler installation. The top-mounted gas booster allows a narrow side profile and fits neatly beneath eves, which is great for overcoming space restraints.

With SmartLine no assembly is required on site. Just plug and plumb..the rest is done! Time is money and the SmartLine saves you time in installation so you can be more productive in a day.

Click here to find out more about the benefits of SmartLine

When you are building a new home it is the perfect time to consider how you can live more efficiently; to be more environmentally-friendly and reduce your cost of living. It is a major investment in your family's future, so why not make your financial future even more secure by asking your builder to install an efficient solar water heater from Chromagen.