Product Warranties:

Solar Hot Water ProductsResidential Application
Commercial Application
  Product Labour Product Labour
Storage Tank Cylinder (Enamel) 5 3 5 1
Collectors Flat plate 5 3 5 1
Evacuated tube 5 3 5 1
Electric elements 1 1 1 1
Grundfos circulation pumps 1 1 1 1
Solar controller 1 1 1 1
Parts, Valves & Fittings  1 1 1 1

specific exclusions

The above is subject to an area within a 30 kilometre radius of the Chromagen Distributor or Branch from where the unit was purchased. Customers outside this area will be subject to any freight costs and any travelling charges incurred by the Chromagen representative carrying out rectification work.

An ‘after hours’ service fee will apply to warranty calls made outside of normal business hours. For warranty purposes, typical business hours are classified as the hours from 8.00AM to 5.00PM Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays).

To the extent permitted by law Chromagen does not accept liability under this warranty:
  1. If any component of the water heater has been installed, repaired, repositioned or modified by a person other than an appropriately qualified person approved by chromagen in accordance with chromagen’s installation and maintenance instructions and relevant local and statutory requirements;
  2. For loss or damage caused by a fault or defect in the installation of the water heater;
  3. If there is damage to the collector glass by hail or other means;
  4. If corrosion has occurred because the anode has not been changed in accordance with the owner’s manual;
  5. If a cold water expansion valve, check valve and strainer is not fitted in areas where mains pressure is likely to exceed 500 kPa;
  6. Where a thermosiphon arrestor valve is not fitted in a thermosiphon (close coupled) system;
  7. For any damage arising as a result of an accident, act of god or other circumstances beyond chromagen’s control;
  8. If the water heater is a closed loop system and the water heater’s closed circuit is not filled with heat transfer or antifreeze fluid approved by chromagen;
  9. If the water heater is a closed loop system and the inner cylinder has collapsed as a result of an incorrect filling and/or commissioning procedure;
  10. If the water heater is a closed loop system and the addition of water to the closed circuit has not been made in accordance with the water quality specifications (see “water quality” under the heading installation information);
  11. For frost damage to chromagen open loop solar water heaters when installed in a frost prone area without approved frost protection valve(s);
  12. For frost damage to chromagen open loop solar water heaters due to temperatures below -5°c;
  13. For frost damage to chromagen open loop solar water heaters where a failure of the pump, control system or power supply results in the in-built frost protection system being unable to operate when required;
  14. For components not supplied by chromagen that are used in the installation of chromagen solar water heaters eg. Tempering valves, cold water valve assemblies, etc.
  15. For extended or implied warranties not formally provided by chromagen;
  16. For external labour or equipment costs (eg. Cranes and lifting devices) required for repairs;
  17. For costs incurred for rectifying faults (or perceived faults) not directly attributed to the chromagen solar water heater;
  18. For travel costs of service agents that exceed 30 kilometres;
  19. For all consequential loss or damage arising from defects that can lawfully be excluded;
  20. For any other issues not directly attributable to defects in components supplied by chromagen including:
    1. damage caused by incorrect commissioning;
    2. leakage from valves not supplied by Chromagen;
    3. leakage from the pressure temperature relief valve where the water pressure or temperature exceeds the limits specified in Chromagen’s installation and maintenance instructions;
    4. water hammer;
    5. external rust on the storage tank;
    6. insufficient hot water because:
      1. the consumer refuses to use the auxiliary booster;
      2. of an incorrectly set or faulty tempering or mixing valve;
      3. of faulty or incomplete installation;
      4. the water heater is too small for its required purpose;
      5. of insufficient water flow as a result of “water saving” tap-ware or appliances (for gas water heaters only);
      6. of undersized gas lines (for gas water heaters only);
      7. of blown fuses, “tripped” electrical switches or inadequate household electrical wiring;
      8. of incorrect selection of gas type (gas water heaters only); or
      9. insufficient water flow caused by debris accumulating in water strainer (gas water heaters only)


Gas Hot Water ProductsResidential Application
Commercial Application
  Product Labour Product Labour
Eternity continuous flow gas heaters Heat exchanger 10  3 5 1
Parts 3  3 1 1
Eternity remote controllers 1  1 N/A N/A


Heat Pump Hot Water ProductsResidential ApplicationCommercial Application
   Product Labour Product Labour
Tanks Cylinder 5 3 1 1
Compressor  3 1 1 1
Electronics, Parts, Valves & Fittings 1 1 1


Swimming Pool Heat Pump ProductsResidential Application
Commercial Application
  Product Labour Product Labour
Compressor & Electronics 3 1 N/A N/A
Heat Exchanger 10 1 N/A N/A
Parts 1 1 N/A N/A


Solar power systemsResidential ApplicationCommercial Application
Power Warranty
Labour Limited
Solar Modules 25 10 1 25 10 1
Fronius   5 1   2 1
Sungrow   5 1   2 1

PV modules are supplied with limited warranties, for more detailed information on the warranty of specific PV components please refer to the owners manual supplied with your system or the manufacturers website. The module & inverter warranty is provided by the manufacturer. Chromagen reserves the right to change the warranty terms on this statement at any time without notice.