Product in Focus - Condensing Units

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Providing an outstanding 92% efficiency the advanced new condensing units provide the ultimate in water heating for gas operated heaters.

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Get the convenience of 'on demand' water heating and low running costs with this ultra-efficient 7.1 Star gas water heater. The Daesung Celtic achieves remarkable energy efficiency due to the condensing technology granted by its unique S-line dual heat exchanger system. This sophisticated system can recover the heat energy expelled in the hot exhaust gases, and use it to pre-heat the incoming water. This pre-heated water then requires less purchased energy to obtain the required temperature, in turn conserving gas


  • High 7.1 Star energy rating = Low running costs & more environmentally-friendly
  • Unique S-line Heat Recovery system reduces gas consumption
  • Ideal for large residential & commercial applications Multi-unit manifolding available
  • Electronic ignition & microprocessor controlled
  • Natural gas and LPG (propane) models available
  • 100% solar compatible
  • 50°C# & 82°C pre-set models available upon request


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