Resource & References Guide

If you want to find out more about renewable energy technology, the solar industry, government schemes,
then use our helpful Resource and References Guide to find it faster.

Australian Federal Government Resources

Department of Climate Change & Energy Efficiency

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Understanding Climate Change

Impacts of Climate Change

Solar Credits - FAQ’s

Solar Water Heaters

Air-source Heat Pumps

Gas Water Heaters

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Hot Water Systems – What you need to know

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Buying a hot water heater -Things to consider

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Solar Hot Water Incnetives

National Solar Schools Program

Phase-out of greenhouse intensive hot water heaters

Report - Energy Use in the Australian Residential Sector

Sustainability Publications

National Greenhouse Accounts Factors July 2012



Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism

We enhance Australia’s economic prosperity by improving the strength, competitiveness and sustainability of the Resources,
Energy and Tourism industries through the provision of high quality policy advice and program delivery services for the Australian

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Energy facts, statistics and publications

Energy in Australian Report


Clean Energy Regulator

The Clean Energy Regulator is an independent FMA agency that administers the Renewable Energy Target, including the
Large-scale Renewable Energy Target and the Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme.

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About Small-scale Technology Certificates

About Large- Generation Certificates

About Solar Panels

About Hot Water Systems

REC Registry

Solar water heater STC Calculator

Small generation unit STC Calculator


Clean Energy Future

The Australian Government’s comprehensive plan for securing a clean energy future. The plan will cut pollution and drive investment,
helping to ensure Australia can compete and remain prosperous in the future.

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Renewable energy


Australian Bureau of Statistics

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Environment – Household energy use & conservation





Information, how-to’s and rebates for sustainable living

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Take Action. How to live greener

About solar hot water systems

About solar power


State Government Resources

ACT - ACTSmart

The HEAT Energy Audit is a comprehensive home energy audit delivered by the Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT).
The ACT Government also provides a rebate when you address the priority recommendations in your HEAT Energy Audit report.

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The HEAT Energy Audit


ACT - Home Energy Advice Team (Funded by the ACT Government)

The Home Energy Advice Team (HEAT) is funded by the ACT Government to provide free, independent, expert
advice on how to improve the energy efficiency of your home.

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Solar hot water Fact Sheet

Top 10 Energy savings tips

Subsidies & Rebates


NSW – Energy Savings Scheme (ESS)

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NSW – NSW Government – Environment & Heritage

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What is climate change?

Sustainable households

Hot water systems



QLD Government

Tips for saving energy in your business

Smart Energy Savings Program for business


SA Government

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Water, energy & environment


VIC – Sustainability Victoria / ResourceSmart

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ResourceSmart.- Operating cost of electrical appliances

ResourceSmart – Solar FAQ’s

ResourceSmart – PV Systems Fact Sheet

ResourceSmart – Choosing a hot water system


VIC – Department Of Primary Industries

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Energy Efficiency Target (VEET) scheme – Fact Sheet

DPI – Energy Calculator

National phase out of greenhouse intensive domestic water heaters

Smart Meters


WA Government – Department of Environment & Conservation

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Tips for sustainable living





Incentives by State / Territory

All states

incentives program overview & locator


ACT Rebate & Heat energy audit


Home Saver Rebates


Solar Hot Water Retrofit Rebate


Solar hot water rebate

Solar Bonus Scheme


SA Solar hot water rebate,+energy+and+environment/Energy/Energy+rebates,+concessions+and+incentives/Efficient+water+heater+rebates+and+incentives/South+Australian+solar+hot+water+rebate


Solar & heat pump hot water rebate


Sustainability VIC Rebates

Victorian Energy Efficiency Certificates (VEECs)


Solar Hot Water Incnetives


Building GREEN References by state

All States

Your Home – Design for lifestyle & the future



PDF – BASIX Fact Sheet


Sustainable Housing

PDF – EnergyWise QLD Solar Hot Water System Fact Sheet

PDF – QLD 6-star housing Fact Sheet


“Full Standard” for water heaters,+energy+and+environment/Energy/Energy+efficiency/Energy+efficiency+standards/Residential+water+heater+requirements/Step-by-step+guide+for+determining+your+water+heater+options/Step-by-step+guide+-+Question+1


6 Star Standards

Download PDF – 6 Star brochures


Industry Associations

Clean Energy Council

The Clean Energy Council is the peak body representing Australia’s clean energy sector. It is an industry association made up of more than 500 member companies operating in the fields of renewable energy and energy efficiency.

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Solar PV Guide:


Solar Accreditation

Solar hot water Initiatives by state

Renewable Energy Initiatives Table


Australian PV Association (APVA)

Association of companies, agencies, individuals and academics with an interest in photovoltaic solar electricity research, technology, manufacturing, systems, policies, programs and projects.

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Australian PV Association (APVA)

Association of companies, agencies, individuals and academics with an interest in photovoltaic solar electricity research, technology, manufacturing, systems, policies, programs and projects.

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Australian Solar Institute

The Australian Solar Institute will provide much needed support for the Australian solar community, helping to retain Australian solar expertise and develop the next generation of Australian solar researchers.

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Australian Solar Council (Formerly Australian Solar Energy Society)

The Australian Solar Council exists to promote scientific, social and economic development through the environmentally sound use of solar energy.

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