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The benefits of evacuated tube solar collectors

on Monday, 16 December 2013. Posted in Efficient Water Heaters

State of the art solar hot water systems

The benefits of evacuated tube solar collectors

Solar thermal technology for heating water has over 50 years of practical application and it's now a tried, tested and reliable process. Recent advancements in the technology include developments in the thermal collection process such as the collector design and the absorber coatings that are employed.

The evacuated tube thermal collector is a more recent development than the conventional and more common flat plate collector. They have become more and more popular, particularly since the reduction in their supply costs, their high performance and reliability in cold climates and commercial applications, and of course their attractive appearance.

Solar water heating for commercial applications

on Monday, 11 November 2013. Posted in Commercial Systems

Turn to the sun for savings

Chromagen commercial solar pre-heat

Traditionally water heating is a major consumer of energy in both residential and commercial-industrial applications. In residential applications, water heating using a conventional hot water system accounts for around 25% of the average Australian household energy consumption, whilst in commercial-industrial applications such as food and beverage processing, where there may be a high demand for hot water, it could be significantly higher.

From BIG to small…we’ve got it all!

on Friday, 08 November 2013. Posted in Efficient Water Heaters, Solar Power Systems, Commercial Systems

Whether your applications are residential or commercial, get a Chromagen solution…the natural choice for efficient water heaters and solar power systems

Commercial solar hot water system

If you are involved in the design and construction of residential or commercial developments such as new homes, apartments, hotels, hospitals, sports complexes, mining and industrial sites, then consider a Chromagen energy efficient water heating and solar power solution for your next project.