Solar Power (Photovoltaic) Systems


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Clean, free electricity from the sun.

Did you know? If Australia's 400kmĀ² of available roof space was fitted with solar panels, the amount of energy generated would supply approximately 135% of the country's residential needs

Are your electricity bills scaring you? Are they getting harder to pay? 

Soaring electricity bills are ranked as one of the biggest concerns for Australian consumers, so it's not surprising that people are searching for ways to save on their energy costs. According to recent reports, Australians are paying among the highest electricity prices in the developed world and (Read article) these are set to double within 6 years. How much are your electricity bills, and how much will you be paying in the future if you don't act now?

By installing solar power on your home or business, you can take control over rising energy prices and bring more certainty to your financial future. Australians have embraced solar power for environmentally-friendly electricity and now 1 million homes are "making hay while the sun shines" and reaping the benefits.

Solar power systems generate clean, FREE electricity from the sun. They lower your consumption of purchased fossil fuel-generated electricity, thereby reducing your home's carbon footprint and your electricity bills.

So SWITCH ON to Chromagen solar power ... giving you the POWER to save

Residential (Small Scale)
Solar Power Systems

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  • Solar panels & inverters for household systems
  • Outputs typically from 1.5kW to 5kW
  • Lower your energy consumption & power bills

Commercial (Large Scale)
Solar Power Systems

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  • Solar panels & inverters for large scale commercial systems
  • Outputs typically greater than 10kW
  • Reduce the operating costs of your business