Gas Hot Water Systems


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Reliable hot water 24/7 with Chromagen gas water heaters

Eternity gas water heaters have a high 6 star energy rating. The more stars the more efficient it is.

Do you need a compact, high quality water heater that is economical to run and provides reliable hot water 24/7 ? 
If the answer in "yes" then you should consider a gas water heating solution from Chromagen.

Whether you're building or renovating, or need to replace an old hot water system, Chromagen has a product to meet your particular needs.

Choose from the Eternity tankless continuous flow water heaters for immediate "on-demand" hot water delivery, or from a high output SUMO1 for high hot water demands.

Eternity Continuous Flow
Water Heaters

gashotwater short
  • Tankless gas water heaters that are compact and wall-mountable
  • Ideal for gas water heater replacements & where space is limited
  • Provides instant hot water on demand
  • Ideal for typical domestic applications with reticulated gas connection and bottled LPG

Sumo1 High Output
Gas Water Heater

gashotwater short SUMO1
  • A combination of a water storage tank & an integrated continuous flow gas water heater
  • Allows large volumes of heated water over short periods of time
  • Ideal for higher demand applications for large residences and commercial applications such as restaurants, laundries & holiday parks