Commercial Solar Hot Water Systems


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Turn to the Sun for water heating savings in your business or commercial development

Commercial solar hot water systems that obtain at least 60% solar contribution may be eligible for Federal Government STCs, which can significantly reduce the final cost and capital payback of the system

Solar heating of a commercial or industrial water supply is a proven way to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, to obtain significant energy savings and reduce the running costs of a business. Commercial and industrial operations often provide the perfect opportunity for solar hot water systems and solar pre-heating, due to their high energy use and large expanses of roof space that are ideal for roof top collector arrays.

Chromagen's tailored solar water heating solutions include solar hot water systems which are ideal for new buildings or complete hot water replacements, and solar pre-heating systems which are ideal for energy efficiency upgrades to existing water heating units.

Commercial solar water heating by Chromagen: Custom solutions. Superior service. Reliable quality 


Commercial Solar
Hot Water Systems

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  • Reduce energy consumption & water heating costs using the free heat from the sun
  • Complete, energy-efficient hot water solutions
  • Ideal for new installations and complete hot water replacements
  • Government STCs available for eligible systems

Commercial Solar
Pre-Heat Systems

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  • Improve the energy efficiency of your existing water heater
  • Pre-heat your hot water supply using thermal energy from the sun
  • Ideal for upgrades to existing hot water systems