Commercial Gas Hot Water Systems


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Tailored hot water solutions for a variety of commercial applications

Our commercial gas water heating systems are modular. The higher the hot water demand, the greater the number of water heaters can be manifolded together to increase output capacity.

Chromagen's commercial hot water solutions include gas water heating units in a wide range of capacities, to suit the hot water demands of many and varied commercial and industrial applications.

Commercial gas water heating systems include the Eternity Plus range of manifolded continuous flow systems and SUMO Pack pre-engineered systems with hot water storage.

Why is Chromagen commercial hot water the natural choice? Custom solutions. Superior service. Reliable quality.

Eternity Plus
Tankless Gas Water
Heating System

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  • Multiple manifolded, tankless continuous flow gas water heaters
  • Provide, high “on-demand” water heating in a simple and economical solution
  • Provide higher capacity than single units

Sumo Pack
Gas Water Heating System
with Water Storage

CommercialGasHotWater SumoPack Short1
  • A combination of manifolded gas water heaters plus hot water storage
  • The convenience of stored hot water, ready to deliver
  • Suitable for short periods of peak hot water demand