Hot Water Solutions - Commercial


If you want to build GREEN, then you will need an efficient hot water solution for your next commercial project. Chromagen is the natural choice efficient water heating in commercial applications such as apartment complexes, commercial kitchens, schools, sports complexes, food and beverage processes, hotels, municipal amenities as well as hospitals and aged care facilities.

Chromagen's SUMO systems are big, tough and competitive which is why SUMO is a fitting name for our range of commercial hot water systems. SUMO systems are designed to be robust and feature only quality components, so you can be assured of long, reliable service in demanding commercial applications.

Chromagen provides an unrivalled level of service and advice to you so you can achieve the most suitable customised hot water solution for your
operation or development.

Why is Chromagen the Natural Choice?

  • Assistance in the design of the most energy efficient solution
  • Technical advice and product selection advice
  • Product and service training
  • Attendance at the commissioning of your hot water system
  • Unparalleled after-sales service

Commercial Solar
Water Heating

Commercial SolarHotWater

Use the sun's clean, free energy to heat your water & SAVE

Commercial Gas 
Water Heating

Gas water heating-1

Gas systems providing hot water on demand with 6 Star efficiency