LED Lighting



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The bright way to SAVE

LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) aren't new technology. They have been used commercially since the late 1960's due to their low cost, high efficiency and long life span.

Sustainable living in this modern age means adopting energy efficient lighting technology to reduce power consumption around the home & office.

LED lighting is ultra-efficient and can use around 80% less power than conventional halogen lights. Chromagen's range of LED lights use between 5 & 15 watts of electricity and when compared to the typical halogen downlight, consume only a fraction of the power, but provide comparable light output. If you compare a home with 30 9W LED lights, running for 5 hours per day, the projected running cost savings are estimated at over $670* per year.

LED lights also operate at cooler temperatures than halogen lights, and last up to 30,000 hours, compared to only 5,000 hours for a typical halogen. This means they have a much longer lifespan making big savings on globe replacement costs.

*Based on an average electricity tariff of 30ยข