Heat Pump Swimming Pool Heater



Heat your swimming pool efficiently with a pool heat pump from Chromagen


Revel in the comfort of perfect water temperature and enjoy low running costs with an efficient Midea heat pump pool water heater.

This environmentally-friendly pool heater uses renewable energy technology to harvest the plentiful FREE heat energy from the air, to heat and maintain the desired temperature in your pool. Midea heat pump pool heaters are ideal for use with most common-sized residential pools and will extend your swimming season, so you get much more from your lifestyle investment.

Swimming pool heat pumps utilise an ingenious technology to extract the heat energy from the surrounding air for use in heating your pool water. This reverse-cycle air conditioning technology significantly lowers the consumption of fossil fuel-generated electricity making it an environmentally-friendly alternative to direct electric or gas water heating.

An energy efficient pool heater such as a heat pump is an affordable way for pool owners to make substantial reductions in their energy consumption and minimise the impact of rising power prices.


The benefits of a swimming pool heat pump:

Extends your swimming season by maintaining a comfortable temperature

Heat pumps produce more heat energy than the power input making them highly efficient

Environmentally friendly, as less fossil fuel-generated power is consumed

Contemporary, aesthetically-pleasing design

Compact footprint ensures installation flexibility

Operates in any weather or at any time of day

Inbuilt switch, only operates when pump is on





14kW & 28kW









in energy consumption


High Corrosion Resistant


Heat Exchanger


Up to


Performance Efficiency*



Energy Efficiency

A heat pump pool heater is like an energy multiplier. From 1 kW of power consumed, it can create up to 5 kW of water heating energy. That's a performance efficiency of a remarkable 500%. Heat pumps are more energy efficient than gas pool heaters, where their output performance efficiency may only be around 80% of energy input.

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