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Chromagen can provide unrivalled product and service, making it easier for you to build Green.

Join Australia's biggest builders and make the switch to Chromagen;
the natural choice for your solar and efficient hot water needs

As a new home builder or developer you need a quality supplier that understands your business needs. You need a supplier that is easy to do
business with and can provide direct representation and expertise for all of your solar and efficient hot water products.

Chromagen Australia Solar & Energy Solutions, a 100% Australian owned and operated company, is a leading national wholesaler and specialist in residential and commercial renewable energy water heaters and solar power systems. Chromagen is unique because we deal directly with the trade and construction industry, which can mean BIG savings for builders. Plus, Chromagen provides a one-stop-shop to make procurement more convenient for you.

Chromagen has been dealing directly with the construction industry in Australia for nearly a decade, and has established a business structure and supply chain that is optimised to give builders unrivalled service. In fact, Chromagen now supplies 8 of the top 10 biggest new home builders in Australia with solar and efficient hot water products.

With our unique service, we can arrange the supply and installation of your solar water heater and/or solar power system during construction and provide staged installation of solar hot water collectors and tanks to prevent theft and assist with your cash flow management.

Chromagen also offer a special service that is unique for an Australian wholesaler of solar technology products; administrative assistance for your Federal Government STC claims on solar hot water and solar power systems. We will buy your certificates, process your rebates
and handle the associated administration so you can concentrate on what you do best...helping Australian's to build green. Read more.

To make it easy for you to build green, Chromagen have assembled a range of the most advanced solar and hot water products available to Australia's builders such as Solar water heaters, heat pump water heaters, gas water heaters and solar power systems.

With all of our solar and efficient water heating products, Chromagen will gladly provide product and installation training as well as customer support to help you on the path to building green. If you are you are involved in the construction Industry, registered for GST and interested in learning more about the benefits of a partnership with Chromagen contact us 1300 367 565 or leave an enquiry on our Contact Us Page.

Why should you choose Chromagen?

  • Stage 1 and 2 delivery for volume builders
    • Delivered directly to site
    • Assists cash flow: Separate payments at different stages
    • Peace of mind: Staged delivery means product security on the building site
  • A trusted supplier
  • A one-stop-shop for a variety of energy efficient products
  • Our systems attract some of the highest STCs in Australia
  • Local service & technical support.
  • Troubleshooting assistance for your plumber on the day of install
  • In-house RECs department
  • Committed to quality, innovation & energy efficient solutions

Delivery of solar hot water systems

Stage 1

  • Delivery of solar collector/s to building site by Chromagen
  • Installation of solar collector Chromagen – The “Plonk”
  • Installation to coincide with your building schedule

Stage 2

  • Delivery of water storage tank and booster (if required) to building site by Chromagen
  • Installation service available
  • Only licenced plumbers used
  • Installation to coincide with handover of keys to new home owner