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If you are building a new home, renovating or extending, it is a great time to think about how you can live more efficiently. There are many ways that you can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and make your home more energy efficient, such as with Chromagen solar hot water and solar power.

Some states do have standards in place that govern how efficient homes must be built. You should ask your builder about how an energy efficient hot water system and / or a solar power system from Chromagen can be included in your new energy efficient home.

To find out more about energy efficient standards in the various states, please select from the list below:


New homes in Victoria must comply with the 6 Star Standards which was introduced in May 2011. This standard aligns to Building Code of Australia's (BCA) national energy efficiency measures.
This standard sets out the requirements for all new Class 1 buildings to install a solar water heater system or a rainwater tank for toilet flushing.
Be sure to ask your builder for a Chromagen solar hot water system so you can enjoy the long term benefits of lower household energy consumption and lower water heating costs.
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Australian Capital Territory

Amendments to the ACT Water and Sewerage ACT 2000 and associated Regulations, mean that from January 31st 2010, only water heaters that comply with new energy efficiency standards can be installed in Class 1 buildings.

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New South Wales

The State Government of NSW has implemented the BASIX program to ensure all new homes are designed and constructed to meet water and energy efficiency targets.

BASIX is an online assessment program for a new house or unit design, and a certificate must accompany all new development applications to council.

BASIX uses information such as site location, house size, type of building materials and fittings for hot water, cooling and heating.
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Sustainable Housing Regulations - 2006
On March 1st 2006, Queensland’s Sustainable Housing Regulations were implemented. These regulations stipulate that all new homes must be more sustainable and so must incorporate “greenhouse-efficient hot water systems in all new Class 1 buildings”.
This can be achieved by installing:
  1. A solar hot water system or heat pump that is eligible to receive:
    1. at least 22 STCs in a building with 3 or more bedrooms; or
    2. at least 14 STCs in a building with 1 or 2 bedrooms; or
  2. A gas hot water system with a 5-star energy rating.

Sustainable Housing Laws - 2010
Queensland has also implemented the Sustainable Housing Laws in May 2010, which mandate a minimum requirement of a 6-star equivalence rating for class 1 buildings (houses and townhouses).
There are a range of options for builders to achieve compliance which are stated in the Queensland Development Code 4.1—Sustainable buildings.

One of the compliance options includes – “photovoltaic (solar) energy systems”
“A nominal credit of 1 star is available for houses and townhouses that include a photovoltaic (solar) energy system with a minimum of 1 kilowatt capacity”.
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South Australia

In South Australia, water heaters being installed in a new home or as part of an alteration or new addition (that is subject to developmental approvals), must meet the “full standard of the water heater requirements”.
The types of water heaters that meet the Full Standard are:
• Solar-electric boosted water heaters
• Electric heat pump water heaters
The requirements for solar and electric heat pump water heaters are based on the number of eligible renewable energy certificates (RECs) they can generate.
To find out more use the “Step-by-step guide on the SA Government website


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